The Lardwich

(An epic sandwich)

The finest snack meal in the world

Compulsory Ingredients:

Optional Ingredients:

Suggested Sauces:


Pre-heat the grill and a heavy based frying pan. Toast two of the slices of bread, cover with the cheese and replace under the grill to brown.

Meanwhile use a large biscuit cutter to put a hole in the third slice of bread and fry it on one side, when done, turn over and crack the egg into the hole and fry until done to personal preference.

Lovingly spread/place any optional ingredients or sauces on top of the browned cheese. Although some variations will have this step earlier to include the optionals in the browning process.

Place a slice of cheese on toast cheese up, followed by the fried egg/bread combination, followed by another slice of cheese of toast cheese side down.

The future

Plans for the future include attempts at using Welsh Rarebit instead of cheese on toast and variations using one of Kate's chilli creations that might breach SALT II